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About US

Who We Are

For millennia, humanity has relied upon the oceans. They have fed us, they have carried us to distant lands, they have entertained us, and they have cleaned our air and absorbed our waste. Once again, we need their help. This time to address our climate, food and biodiversity crises, and to save our planet as we know it.

We are part of a movement. Some are working with rainforests, some with cities, some with the land. We are working with the oceans. 

We develop pioneering blue economy projects – floating offshore wind, wave energy and low impact aquaculture, all in harmony with our oceans. 

We are committed to creating new economic opportunities for coastal communities, and to developing projects that coexist with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation.

We believe in the power of the oceans to decarbonise our world. 


Our Office & Project Locations Are Expanding

Our Head Office is in Cork, Ireland. In the UK, we have offices in Pembroke in Wales, Newquay in England and Edinburgh in Scotland.  In the US, we have offices in Oregon.

Our current projects are located in the seas off the Irish and British coast. 

Our Projects

We are working near the Kinsale gas field off the Irish coast to construct a wind farm with a potential total capacity of up to 1.3GW.

We are working with Total in a joint venture to develop floating wind sites, beginning with Erebus, in Welsh waters near Pembroke.

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We aim to bring a new type of salmon farming to Scotland using semi-closed salmon farming systems.

The Salamander project will harness the offshore wind potential of the North Sea to help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone.

Western Star will harness the tremendous wind and wave potential of the Atlantic Ocean to help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone.

Saoirse will be the first full-scale wave energy conversion test and demonstration project in Ireland.