About us

About Us

Our Vision

At Simply Blue, our vision is to be the leading early stage developer of sustainable and transformative marine projects, by working with the oceans and enabling communities to benefit from blue growth.


Our projects cover floating wind energy, wave energy and aquaculture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the oceans’ potential, pioneer marine project development and collaborate with partners to build a sustainable blue economy and communities.

What We Do

Where We Work

Our Head Office is in Cork, Ireland. In the UK, we have offices in Pembroke in Wales, Newquay in England and Edinburgh in Scotland.

Our projects are located in the seas off the Irish and British coast. 

Our Projects

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We are working near the Kinsale gas field off the Irish coast to construct a wind farm with a potential total capacity of up to 1 GW.

We are working with Total in a joint venture to develop floating wind sites, beginning with Erebus, in Welsh waters near Pembroke.

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We aim to bring a new type of salmon farming to Scotland using semi-closed salmon farming systems.