Floating Wind

Simply Blue Energy Wind Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Simply Blue Energy Ltd., believes that floating wind farms will be a game changer for renewable power.

The offshore wind industry has moved quickly from a niche technology to a mainstream supplier of low carbon electricity, becoming a favoured form of renewable energy generation. Maintaining future rates of deployment will need to consider alternative methods of deployment to capitalise on Europe’s full offshore wind potential.

Utilisation of floating foundations offer increased flexibility for the siting of turbines, enabling access to locations previously inaccessible due to depth constraints. This gives it a key advantage for accessing areas of higher average wind speeds at optimal spacing, leading to increased yield and capacity factors at a competitive LCOE.

Simply Blue Energy Wind Ltd. undertook a ‘Technology and Commercial Review’ of Floating Offshore Wind Foundations in 2016. This showed floating wind to have matured to a recognised technology, with commercial arrays at various stages of development utilising multiple technologies. Simply Blue Energy has identified Principle Power Inc as a leading developer of this technology, and therefore has partnered with them aiming to identify, tender and develop a number of sites across the UK and Ireland.

80% of Europe’s offshore wind resource is located in waters 60m and deeper. Fixed bottom foundations typically become uneconomical in depths greater than 50 – 60m.

Wind Europe (June 2017) estimate that offshore wind is expected to produce 7% – 11% of the EU’s electricity demand by 2030, but with the potential to provide 80% to 180% at a competitive cost of EUR65/MWh or below. Up to 45% of this is identified as coming from floating wind.

Simply Blue Energy Wind Ltd. is a developer of floating wind projects that will make a valuable contribution to Europe’s electricity demand.

Floating Wind