Our Values

Our Values

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to work with the oceans to play our part in facing the global climate, food and energy crisis.

Our Values

At Simply Blue we want our marine projects to make a tangible difference to world sustainability. We work with people who share our core values of integrity, courage, passion, responsibility and diversity and these values guide our behaviour and interaction with customers, the community and the environment. We believe this enables Simply Blue to attract the best partners to our marine projects and enables stakeholders and the community to be confident in us as a responsible organisation.


We take a long-term view and go that extra mile to do the right thing for our stakeholders, the community and the environment.


We seek to learn and innovate from new technologies and have the confidence to make things happen.


We are passionate about developing marine projects that sustain oceans and build local communities.


We take ownership of what we do, looking to find solutions and add value every step of the way.


We embrace and respect differences in our people and the community.