Western Star

Western Star

Western Star will harness the tremendous wind potential of the Atlantic Ocean to help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone.

The project will utilise innovative and cutting-edge Floating Offshore Wind technology to produce zero-carbon electricity. The development aims to help Ireland progress towards a green energy future with domestically sourced sustainable electricity delivering both environmental and economic benefits to the entire country and potentially beyond.

Simply Blue Energy is developing the Western Star project off the west coast of Clare, which will consist of a floating windfarm situated at least 35km offshore. The project is planned to be developed in a phased manner to allow for the development of the local supply chain, with a first phase of 300-450MW in size, building to a total capacity of up to 1.35GW.

The proposed Western Star Project will be located at least 35km off the west coast of Co. Clare. The innovative floating technology proposed for this project will allow the turbines to be located far from shore and in waters over 100m deep where traditional fixed bottom turbine foundations would be uneconomical.

The project could provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of c. 1.15 million Irish homes and would represent a major contribution towards Ireland’s stated goals of 5GW of offshore wind energy by 2030 and 30GW by 3050.

Image courtesy of Principle Power: Dock 90